Monday, April 09, 2007

Response Times -- Why They Lengthen

The last month and a half, we've been taking quite a long while getting back to you on submissions -- certainly more than our original 4 weeks, even sometimes more than our lengthened 5 weeks. We sincerely apologise for this, and would like to share some of our excu -- er, reasons, with you.

First and foremost, I, Amal, have moved overseas. Given that Jess and I usually go over submissions together, this has problematised things somewhat; where before, we only had a three-hour time difference to deal with, we now have an eleven-hour time difference (down from twelve; thanks, Daylight Savings Time!).

Second, Jess' computer crashed utterly, miserably, and irrevocably about two months ago -- roughly around the time I left Canada, as a matter of fact (though I maintain the two incidents aren't related. Honest!). She succumbed to peer pressure and replaced it with a Mac, and a wireless connection. "What's wrong with that?" say the Mac/wireless users amongst you. Everything, I reply. The steady slowness of her creaky dial-up has been replaced with a halting, haphazard speediness -- and so, sadly, has our fashion of responding to you. This leaves me with two things to say:

1) Please query us after we've passed the 5-week mark. Don't hesitate, don't be shy. The last thing we want is to have submissions go astray on top of everything.

2) We're really, really sorry, and we're working on it.




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