Monday, April 23, 2007

Endicott review and the Hunter's site

Midori Snyder has very kindly reviewed our 2007 Spring Issue on Endicott Redux. Hurray!

Also, Oliver Hunter, our site designer, Art Director, and all 'round fabulous wonderful person (every 'zine needs one), now has his very own site up and running again at A Cupfull of Oliver. If you're interested in seeing more of his gorgeous art, enjoying his musical forays or stealing pictures of him for your home or office shrine, keep an eye on it!


Blogger Drollerie Press said...

Hello! I followed links from Endicott Studio and ended up here. I like it and shall return frequently (though perhaps more for the poetry than the blog posts). I'm commenting now because I would very much like an introduction to Oliver Hunter. I'm the publisher of Drollerie Press, a new small press of e- and print books, and I need some of his art for covers. I also can't pay much yet, so no hopes of getting rich, but there's exposure! Right. We're doing two fairytale anthologies next year so there's time for me to...convince him. He can contact me (if he's interested) at dfisher AT

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