Goblin Fruit

Monday, March 17, 2008

2008 Rhysling Nominations!

We have recently secured, through the fiendish finaglings of one Mr. , the list of Goblin Fruit poems that have received Rhysling nominations. There are EIGHT of them, twice what we received last year, which, as you can imagine, pleases us very very much. Also, from the back-patting editorial side of things, we're pretty gobsmacked to find that a poem from every one of our issues last year received a nomination. Sound the trumpets and strum the harps for...

In the Short Category:

- Mike Allen, "Giving Back to the Muse," Fall '07
- A. E. Lowery, "Foodstuff," Spring '07
- Daniel R. Robichaud, "my man come back," Fall '07
- Karen A. Romanko, "They Threw Their Daughters into the Sea," Spring '07
- Rachel Swirsky, "The Oracle on River Street," Summer '07

In the Long Category:

- Mary Alexandra Agner, "The Marian Lee," Spring '07
- Katharine Mills, "Seducing the Crone," Summer '07
- Mikal Trimm, "To Ride in Service of the King," Winter '07

Congratulations to them all, and best of luck with the award!

So, we've bragged about our Rhysling nominees. But what we didn't do is brag about how, now that the official list is up, we have the second most nominations of any 'zine, print or online! Not too bad for our second year of operation, if we do say so ourselves. Mike Allen ()'s Mythic Delirium beat us by one for a total of nine nominations to our eight. To Mr. Allen we offer a hearty congratulations, whilst gleefully rubbing our hands together in anticipation of next year when we hope to do still more to earn our 'upstart' status...

Keep an eye out for the 2008 Rhysling Anthology -- clearly, it looks like it's going to be pretty fabulous. And don't forget to check out the shiny new Goblin Fruit Community on LiveJournal if you feel like frolicking with fellow fruity fans.